Master Gardeners of York County

 Garlic Project

Hardy garlic varieties grown locally here in York County, South Carolina!

We are proud to announce that our Garlic Project is underway.  This project began in 2011 as a demonstration that garlic can be grown in the Piedmont area of South Carolina.  It has since blossomed into a public service, including information on varieties not available in grocery stores, education on how to grow garlic at home, and the sale of these varieties for consumption or replanting. 

Why buy local garlic?

This project provides area residents with a method to obtain locally grown garlic suitable for consumption or growing at home. Experience the different tastes and characteristics of gourmet garlic these unusual types offer. With selective purchases, residents can obtain fresh garlic which they can use while at peak flavor over almost a year - starting with the milder artichokes and ending with the long storing silverskins. In fact, we would like to see everyone, who possibly can, discover their favorite varieties to grow and have no further need for Master Gardener garlic!!